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Principle Of LED Auto Work Lamp

Ether Photoelectric Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

1.The working principle of LED work lights

Light-emitting diodes (leds) is what we called LED, it is actually a kind of semiconductor devices, it can be converted electrical energy to visible light, in the LED, there have a chip, it is consisted of N-type semiconductor and p-type semiconductor, connect that two parts into a p-n junction, when an electric current passes through chips, the electronic would caused energy in the P zone, and it will be presented in the form of visible light, this is the reason why LED work lights will shining.

2.Advantage of LED work light

1. high efficiency and energy saving - leds are able to output 135lm/w, low power but brightness.

2. Long life - led work lights, if properly designed, using life is over 30000 hours.

3. Strong and durable - The LEDs also known as "solid state lighting (SSL), because they don’t have filament or bubble breaking solid materials .

5. No preheating period - LED work lights fast start to glow time - in nanoseconds, the response time of the incandescent light bulb is millisecond.

6. Not affected by low temperature - LED work lights "like" low temperature environment, in sub-zero weather also can normal work.

7. Environmental protection - LED work lights do not contain mercury or other hazardous substances .

8. Controllable - the luminance and the color of the LED work lights is able of controlled.

3.the influence foctors of LED work lamp brightness and service life

The actual lighting effect and service life of LED work lights is largely dependent on the excellent structure design, surface cover and housing material, the excellent structure design and good housing material is decided the function of heat radiation. With same condition, power and brightness will be have the proportional relationship, higher power will with greater brightness, but the higher power means the temperature will be high, so it is particularly important of heat radiation function, the bad performance of heat radiation function will directly affect the lifetime of LED work lights, leds under a state of high temperature for a long time will speed up the lighting attenuation.