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LED Work Light Is High Beam Light?

Ether Photoelectric Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

LED work light does not belong to high beam, usually only LED Auto headlights have high beam and low beam. And the beam type of LED work light is described by spot beam and flood beam, in the following article i will introduce to you the different lighting effect and application between spot beam and flood beam.
    LED work light spot beam type: LED work light spot beam, the lighting effect is focus, and can shine long distance, but the lighting area is narrow. Generally applied in car modification, when the car driving on road, the spot light can auxiliary lighting .

    Led work light flood beam type: LED work light flood beam as the name implies its lighting effect with with a wide area than spot beam work lamp, but the lighting distance will become shorter. Led flood work light is usually used in construction, agriculture and other fields.