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How To Correctly Choose Appropriate Oneself Led Light Bar

Ether Photoelectric Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2017

An LED light bars in most case, it is relatively a waterproof antirust good aseismic performance, easy installation, high brightness, long life and other advantages, the average life expectancy has 30000 hours of use.Installation of LED light barscan not only increase the vehicle identification, let the car from appearance looks more beautiful, more important to the LED light bars as auxiliary lights to increase the brightness of the car in front of the dark area, especially in the front dimly lit area, you can direct light irradiation and additional distance


LED mode: floodlight mode vs. focusing mode vs. generic combination together

Floodlight modes: floodlight mode type light irradiation width is more extensive, but it get shorter distance.The floodlight is usually the site or use grasslands.
Concentrated mode: the light is more and more focus and narrow, and thus produce light irradiation distance get longer, concentrating effect of irradiation width will be narrowed.Spotlights are commonly used in the road use.
Generic poly combination: if you are not sure which model is best for you, or if you are in the case of two of them are preferred, so you can consider to use generic combination, because of his scope of irradiation and irradiation distance is the compromise, both can be used in the road can also be in site, this broad grassland place to use.


Buy LED light bars factors to consider

Size: the size of a article LED lights its length calculation (usually inches), make sure to be in buying in what place, whether can hold on.
The purpose of the model of light: LED light bars decided lamp light pattern.
LED color: different from the traditional, halogen lamps, leds have a variety of colors to choose from.These measures include white LED lamp, amber article LED lights, amber white LED light bar.So when the choose and buy can choose according to their own preferences of their favorite colors.
Luminance: this is a very important matters, you must know the product lighting effect how, can generally from product lumens value to judge the brightness of the light intensity.
Waterproof level: because the strip lights need to bare leak out, often by rain and water splashed, if waterproof level don't pass it may let water touch the lamp panel, which affects the LED light bars use, or even damage the strip lights.Waterproof level is higher, the better, of course, the level of waterproof IP67 can ensure that the LED light bars in the rain for normal use.
Connector type: when you buy article led lights have to know what you need to type the linker, if connectors do not match will directly influence the use.