LED Light Bar

At present, LED light bar has been widely used to whitewash and illuminate the objects under construction, Bridges, approaches, gardens, courtyards, strata, false flower boards, furniture, buses, lakes, water bottoms, posters, powder plates, signs and so on.
1. It is hard and can curl like a walkie-talkie.
2. Can be cut and extended.
3. The light bulb and access are completely covered in flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof function, use insurance.
4. Strong weather resistance.
5. Not easy tp break, use life is long.
6. Easy to make shapes such as graphics and texts.
LED light bar is divided into soft bar and hard bar, LED soft Bar is also known as LED Bar, English name is LED Bar, this product is shaped like a Bar, plus the main components of the product is LED, so the name comes out. LED hard bar, refers to the light bar substrate is hard straight bar, can not bend. About us:
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