LED Headlights

The led headlights have the light sources of LED. LED, short for Light Emitting Diode, is the main component of the rear Light of the vehicle, the high brake Light and the daytime driving Light. Undoubtedly, the adoption of high-brightness LED lighting will become the main feature of the future automobile, thanks to the many basic advantages of LED over traditional incandescent light lighting solutions. In addition, the use of LED lighting can also lead to changes in automobile design technology and design style.
Perfect heat dissipation
Vacuum red copper thermal conduction tube, the speed of heat conduction is 200 times of copper. Thickening aeronautic aluminum, better heat dissipation. Red copper belt, flat structure, fast heat conduction. Thus the heat dissipation range is wider and more stable.
Easy Plug and Play Installation
All in one design, NO fans, small size, easy to install. No extra operation. The installation can be finished at most 15 minutes.
Environment-friendly, Long lifespan
It has smaller power input than the Halogen lamps and HID lamp but LED car light has higher brightness output. It can reduce fuel consumption and save energy. It has a longer life (more than 30000 hours) than the original car Halogen and HID lights.
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