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Troubleshooting of LED lamp strips

Ether Photoelectric Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

1, led flexible light belt packaging protection is not perfect, resulting in the transport process in the light bead damaged by impact.

2, LED flexible lamp welding point has a virtual welding phenomenon, the transport process of vibration caused by the solder joints fall off and led to light.

3, LED flexible lamp with less solder, solder joints easily fall off

4, LED flexible lamp solder quality is not good, led flexible light belt in the bending process of solder joints prone to brittle cracking, shedding phenomena

5, LED flexible lamp with the installation bending angle is too large, led to the flexible lamp with solder joints and copper foil separation caused by not bright

6, LED flexible lamp with the installation of excessive extrusion products, led to a flexible lamp band chip damaged or weld deformation is not lit

7, LED flexible lamp with PCB solder mask is too thick, soldering solder and PCB can not be completely fused together, is also a phenomenon of virtual welding.

8, led flexible light belt in the installation can not be distorted, if the distorted words will cause led flexible lamp solder joints fall off and not lit.

9, electrostatic burn, because the LED is electrostatic sensitive components, no do not do static protection measures, will cause the chip burn.

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