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How to improve the service life of LED headlight source!

Ether Photoelectric Ltd | Updated: Nov 07, 2017

    Many drivers know that 3 years 100,000 km is a hurdle of a car. From the date of mentioning the car, when the age of more than 3 years, or mileage of more than 100,000 km, tires, spark plugs, brake pads and other parts in urgent need of repair and maintenance. However, many people do not know that the headlamps are likely to have "sunshine done" in the first year or 8,000 km of the car.


    To halogen headlight, for example, better quality halogen headlight life of about 500 hours, according to 2 hours per day lighting calculation, but also life expectancy of 8 months, but this is only theoretical data. In reality, halogen headlight will have up to 30% lumen loss after 6 months of use, with a significantly lower lumens than 1,200 LM (National Low Bay Light Minimum Standard). Therefore, the halogen safety of the real life of less than 6 months! Therefore, the main attention to the halogen car - car when traveling to the first two years or more than 8,000 kilometers, the headlamps is "time bomb."

    Based on safety considerations, many car owners began to refit LED headlights for their cars. But soon, another problem came one after another - after retrofitting LED headlights, once covered with a dust cover, turn on the lights a long time on the serious hot; if you do not cover the dust cover, the headlights are easy to water into Dust, every rainy weather, "cattle inside" ...... If you also encounter such problems, the truth is only one: you choose the wrong lights!

As we all know, LED as a high-power light source, heating up fast, high temperature, which makes the headlamps worsen the light failure, the light efficiency is affected, greatly reduced service life. Therefore, the primary problem solved by high-quality LED lights is heat dissipation! Only good heat dissipation, in order to ensure that less than 80% of light fades and lamp life of more than 3,000h.


(Picture: The service life of LED headlight source decreases as the temperature inside the car increases)

   On the market, LED cooling design is divided into two camps, fan and copper heat sink. Fan cooling has a strong instability, greatly affected by the use of the environment. It is difficult to ensure the normal lamp life. Cooling is a systematic project, the design of the entire product is about to start. Use good materials + good design of the copper headlights, is the science of choice.

   To OLEDONE flagship P series products, for example, this headlamp bracket for high-density aviation aluminum, the use of thermoelectric separation design, built-in copper vacuum heat pipe, at the same time using three layers of 6 thickening of high-density copper cooling, cooling, thermal conductivity 5 times faster than normal headlamps, LED headlamps can be described as "high-cold van."

    Even more subtle is the P series in innovative thermal design, but also equipped with Flex-seal TECHNOLOGY retractable seal design. This design is OLEDONE patented invention, the lamp comes with waterproof silicone ring, can be directly combined with the dust cover, making the cooling belt completely exposed outside the headlight assembly, improve heat dissipation. This invention not only rapid cooling, but also improve the headlamp sealing, fundamentally eliminate leakage, into the ash possible. Many owners reflect the upgrade OLEDONE flagship P series headlamps, there is no headlight fever, hot situation, the relevant assessment shows that the headlamp heat lumen maintenance rate of up to 90%, the average life expectancy of more than 30,000 hour.

    The real protection has never stopped more than 100,000 kilometers in 3 years. In the after-sales service, OLEDONE Qi Deng provides 3-year free warranty - promised during the warranty period, the headlight declines below 30%, the brightness remained above 70%, while providing up to 3 years of free maintenance and repair, so that owners Worry about.

    The danger on the road has always been to come. Prior to 3 years 100,000 km, before the lights "sunshine life has been done," regular maintenance for the lights, upgrade the use of reliable LED headlamps is a safe way.