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Disadvantages of LED headlights

Ether Photoelectric Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2017

One: High cost, with LED reversing lamp For example, a LED reversing lamp nearly 30 yuan, and a lamp price is only 3 yuan, which is the cost of LED lamps. High prices cause ordinary cars can not afford the LED lights, the market cannot be promoted.

2: Led car headlamps popularization difficult, heat dissipation is not good, heat treatment is not easy to light failure. Influence the Lamp service life.

Third: No industry standards are introduced, product quality is uneven;

Fourth, light-type design has a little difficulty;

5, not suitable for long time lighting, if long time lighting to consider simple thermal design;

6, poor maintenance performance;

7, point Light to make the appearance of the lamp and our accustomed light bulb has a certain gap, people's acceptance is challenged.