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Car LED new blue ocean, crystal electric competitive advantage attack

Ether Photoelectric Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2018

Automotive LED lighting is one of the application projects with a high degree of concern in the LED market. Benefited from the continuous adoption of environmental protection laws by various countries to require gasoline vehicles to improve fuel consumption, and the trend of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles actively introducing new technologies, coupled with the development of automotive electronics, automotive LED lighting has become a research initiative for many manufacturers. New areas for development 20W LED 4x4 Driving Lights and preparation. LEDinside estimates that the global automotive LED market in 2017 will reach US$ 2.817 billion with an annual growth rate of 14.8%. In contrast, the overall LED industry's annual compound growth rate from 2015 to 2021 is 3%.

Kejia Liang, Epistar’s R&D center, pointed out that the LED lighting in the car has matured and there will be more new applications 20W LED 4x4 Driving Lights, such as situational lighting and head-up displays; exterior LED lighting technology is also gradually in place and is waiting to take off. For example, headlamps, night vision systems, ADAS advanced driver assistance systems, etc., will all use white LEDs, IR LEDs and LDs, which are new blue oceans that cannot be ignored for global LED manufacturers.

In Europe, with the legal mandate of DRL to go on the road, the application of LED exterior lights has gradually evaded the relatively mature turn signal and taillights. Due to the expansion of market demand and the mature technology of manufacturers, the cost and yield are optimized, and the verification time of the depot is sufficient, so that the LED light source can further step into the exterior light market, which will greatly contribute to the revenue.